Democrat for State Representative – 1st Plymouth District


Government Municipalities Don’t Have a Revenue Problem – They Have a Spending Problem

Stephen Michael Palmer believes that Massachusetts is still “Taxachusetts”. Every year, the State’s budget increases – and each year, more than half the State’s budget is spent on MA Health and public employee pensions.


“Pay increases in the MA House of Representatives are given out like lollypops at a local bank,” states Stephen Palmer. “In 2017, pay raises were the first order of business – with speaker DeLeo boosting his own salary by roughly 50-percent.”


The State’s payroll has grown to $7.4 billion. Far too many State-employees earn 5-times the average citizen. Today, more than 18,000 State employees are paid more than $100K annually, and almost 1,000 State employees make at least $200K.   


Our elected leaders should be more concerned with cutting Government salaries than raising property taxes on the working class! 


“If elected, I pledge to be a responsible steward of our resources, and I’ll work tirelessly to ensure that we’re spending taxpayer money on programs such as 40B affordable housing and Chapter-90 projects to repair our roads & bridges


Most of our municipalities have failed to achieve affordable housing goals, and we’ve failed to prioritize infrastructure programs that benefit everyone in the community – all because our elected leaders mis-characterize spending problems as State-wide revenue problems. 
In the town of Plymouth, property taxes have reached a breaking point – and I’m running for office to fix that!"


A vote for Stephen Michael Palmer is a vote to ensure that State revenue serves the people’s agenda - not politician’s agendas.      


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